After several days of hearings, Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives, launches this Thursday the drafting of the indictment of the American president.
This is an important step in the impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump. It is indeed on the basis of this indictment that the deputies will vote for or against the formal indictment of the American president who would then become the third American president in history to be the subject of a procedure dismissal.
As usual, Donald Trump immediately responded with provocation. “The Democrats are crazy,” writes Donald Trump, who obviously wants to get out of this “impeachment” procedure as soon as possible. “If you have to charge me do it now, tweets the president. So that we have a fair trial in the Senate “.
The Senate has a majority of Republicans and the probability of a vote for “impeachment” is very low at the moment. This reaction the President posted after the formal announcement by Nancy Pelosi of the beginning of the drafting of her indictment.
The members of the House will then meet in plenary to vote on this text, perhaps by Christmas. If the indictment is voted by a simple majority. He will then go to the Senate. “The president does not leave us the choice because he has decided to corrupt our elections for his own benefit,” says the leader of the Democrats.


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