A pastor confused gasoline with holy water during a healing service in a church in Lagos, Nigeria, causing a huge explosion and killing a devotee.
“The pastor took a canister filled with gasoline, thinking it contained water,” said Ibrahim Farinloye, spokesman for the National Emergency Management Agency (Nema).
“While he was emptying the contents of a man (who came to receive his blessing, ed), a lit candle next to it caught fire and burned both of them”
The faithful died on the spot, his corpse was “unrecognizable”, while the pastor suffered “serious burns,” specify relief.
The fire, which took place in a church in the Baruwa district of the Nigerian economic capital, then spread to a nearby gas pipeline, which exploded, creating a huge cloud of gray smoke in the sky. Lagos, according to the head of relief and local media.
According to the relief, “only one body was found (that of the burned faithful), while the other injured person (the pastor) was receiving care.


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