The Greek billionaire Alkiviades “Alki” David was sentenced to pay $ 58 million in compensation to one of his assistants whom he sexually harassed, a punishment among the highest in US judicial history, has declared the lawyer of the victim.
Alki David, heir to a family of industrialists who has also started holograms and streaming, has been convicted by a Los Angeles court of violence and sexual assault against Mahim Khan, who he used in his production company between 2014 and 2015.
This judgment “reminds predators, wherever they are, that they can not do harm with impunity,” said Ms. Khan in a statement to AFP.
With the MeToo movement, “women like Ms. Khan no longer tolerate suffering in silence,” added her lawyer, Gloria Allred, for whom the $ 58 million in compensation awarded to the young woman is among the highest in the world. the American judicial history.
In support of this evidence, Mahim Khan’s supporters told the court that Alki David seized her employee by the neck several times a week to force her to perform oral sex. According to them, the billionaire also used to catch him by the private parts and stripped his chest at least once. Alki David denied any sexual harassment against the young woman.
He was not present in court, which deprived him of the right to defend himself because he repeatedly took the complainant and her lawyers to task.
The 51-year-old billionaire has issued a statement criticizing a “skewed” and “state of emergency” US justice system in which he accuses his accuser and witnesses of lying.


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