The operation dubbed “scorpion” has already resulted in the arrest and detention of several senior officials in Gabon, close to Brice Laccruche.
Two sacked former ministers were also arrested on Tuesday after their dismissal from the government. They are Tony Ondo Mba, former Minister of Energy, and Noël Mboumba, who held the coveted Oil portfolio.
“The three former ministers have been widely cited by people currently detained in cases of misappropriation of public funds, extortion and money laundering,” said the prosecutor of the Republic of Libreville Andre Patrick Roponat.
According to the magistrate, there are a total of 13 people who have been detained since the launch of the anti-corruption operation.
Among them, Gregory Laccruche the brother of the former director of cabinet.
Justice is particularly interested in the Dupont Consulting Company, a private company administered by Grégory Laccruche and suspected of embezzling public money on contracts with the public company Gabon Oil Company (GOC), whose Chief Executive Officer, Patrichi Tanasa has been incarcerated since Thursday.
On social networks, many Internet users question the reality of these alleged diversions, valued at more than 85 billion CFA francs.
“We are witnessing a witch hunt, the records are not consistent,” reacted Angels Nzigou, the lawyer Brice Laccruche who is concerned about a violation of the rights of his client.
Appointed chief of staff by President Ali Bongo in August 2017, the influence of Brice Laccruche Alihanga had grown steadily over the months, especially after the stroke of the President of Gabon in October 2018. 


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