The army’s positions were attacked on the night of December 1 to 2 in the Lake Chad region. The attack attributed by the authorities to Boko Haram left 13 jihadist dead, while two health workers and their driver abducted by the jihadists remain untraceable.
The attack took place between Ngouboua and Baga Sola, in a populated area where the army installed an advanced post not long ago after the abduction of a doctor, a nurse and their driver who took this route. .
The jihadists took advantage of the darkness to approach and start a shootout. The Chadian army retaliated and repulsed the attackers, who abandoned 13 bodies during their retreat. Four Chadian soldiers were killed and three others wounded.
This new offensive shows that the Boko Haram wing, near Abu Musab al-Barnawi, which occupies the northern shore of Lake Chad, has decided to change its strategy after having operated for months by light incursions followed by machine poses. explosives.
By taking the initiative of the attacks, the jihadists show that they have been able to reconstitute a logistics and train enough men. A position they have lost since the end of the great joint offensive of the coastal states of Lake Chad.


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