In an interview with Sunu Lamb, Double Less’s son delivered good news for his fans and Boye Niang’s fans. He says he is ready to fight with De Gaulle’s son.

Two wrestlers of the same generation
“Any wrestler who has proven himself and who has worked well deserves to meet any opponent. For me, it’s between two wrestlers of the same generation. In the fight, there is no stretching the pole as people say. Let everyone prove himself and necessarily the paths will cross one day, “suggested the former king of arenas.

Boy Niang beaten by Lac2
For the record, Balla Gaye 2 beat for a second time Modou Lo. The current king of arenas who will have to wait for a third confrontation to claim to beat the son of Double Less. As for Boy Niang, he was beaten by Lac2 on July 13th.


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