The White House will not participate Wednesday in a congressional hearing that marks the beginning of a new phase of the impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump but reserves the possibility of doing so later, his lawyer said.
The Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives, which this week begins discussions for the possible impeachment of the President, invited him to participate in his work, either in person, or through his lawyers or by asking written questions to witnesses.
“With regard to the hearing on 4 December, we can not legitimately wait for us to participate, even though the names of the witnesses have not been made public and it remains doubtful whether the Judiciary Committee offers a fair procedure”, replied White House lawyer Pat Cipollone in a letter to the elected Democrat Jerry Nadler who chairs this commission.
“But if you really decided to oversee a fair procedure in the future, we could consider participating” as a result of your work, adds the lawyer, denouncing “deep procedural shortcomings” that he believes violate the rights of Donald Trump.
The Republican billionaire is in turmoil because he has asked Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, one of his potential opponents in the presidential election of 2020. The Democratic opposition accuses him of abusing his powers to support its re-election campaign, including freezing nearly $ 400 million in military aid to this country at war with Russia. 


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