A new political party, Citizens’ Alliance has declared that it will offer The Gambia a fresh start after many false starts since 1965.

Dominic Mendy, chairman of the newly formed CA, said the change that the country deserved and envisaged is not yet attained.

“We in CA offer an alternative that will inspire the present and future generations of people with the requisite knowledge to run the country,” he told a rousing crowd at the launching at the Paradise Suites Hotel Friday.

Mendy further said the country cannot be developed unless the political field is clean and committed to national rather than tribal and other partisan interests.

Raffie Diab, chairman of the fund raising committee, said CA will transform the political landscape because of its relevance and aptness with the current trend in world politics.
“We must not shy away from the issues that concern the way we are governed and people are not happy with the current nature of politics of all divides,” he said.

The party, which will hold a congress this month to elect an executive, selected Dominic Mendy as interim chairman and Dr Ismail Ceesay as secretary general.

Source: The Standard Newspaper


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