FIFA President Gianni Infantino calls for the creation of an “African league”, and has called for massive investment in stadiums on the continent to “bring African football to the top of the world” on Thursday in Lubumbashi , in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

You have to take the top 20 clubs in Africa and have them play in an African league,” said the FIFA president, who is in Lubumbashi for the 80th birthday of Tout Puissant Mazembe, one of the biggest clubs in Africa. Africa. “Such a league can generate at least 200 million revenues, which would put it in the top 10 world, overnight

The challenge ? Stop the departure of African players to other championships around the world. Infantino has appealed to investors “to raise a billion so that we can equip each African country a real football stadium to FIFA and international standards.”
“We will take the best African referees, we will pay them. We will depoliticize, we will professionalize arbitration in Africa. I want to bring African football to the top of the world, “concluded the FIFA President.


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