Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday ruled that NATO, an organization strongly criticized by French President Emmanuel Macron, must be more than ever “preserved” and promised that Germany would meet its military spending target by 2030.
“It is in our interest to preserve NATO, more than during the Cold War,” she told the Bundestag (Chamber of Deputies). Merkel promised that Germany would reach “at the beginning of the 2030s” the goal of the Atlantic Alliance to devote 2% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to military spending.
At a week-long NATO “mini-summit” in London, Merkel delivered a lengthy plea in favor of the Alliance, founded in 1949, which the French president says is “brain dead” “.
NATO was “a bulwark against the war”, which has guaranteed “freedom and peace” for 70 years, thanks in part to “our American friends,” said the German Chancellor. She highlighted the contribution of NATO to the stabilization, since the end of the Cold War, of the situation in the Balkans or in Afghanistan.


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