Twelve Nigerian soldiers were killed and eight wounded during the attack on the Blabrine military base in southeastern Niger on Tuesday night, the Nigerian Ministry of Defense announced Wednesday (October 30th).
“On the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, the military position Blabrine, in the region of Diffa, was attacked by unidentified armed elements most likely belonging to the terrorist group Boko Haram,” announced Wednesday evening the Ministry of Defense in a statement from the ministry read on state radio. The “provisional balance sheet” of the ministry mentions “12 soldiers killed and 8 wounded”. Earlier in the day, local sources in the Diffa region had announced the attack, “around 3:00 am (02:00 GMT)”, citing a death toll of 10, as well as burned military equipment. “The search and pursuit operations in which our Multinational Joint Force (Chad, Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon) partners are engaged have been engaged in catching up and neutralizing the elements that perpetrated the attack.


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