It was at the age of 95 that former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe died, announced his successor  Emmerson Mnangagwa . After 37 years in power from 1980 to 2017, he had left his place  after a coup.

Robert Mugabe took the reins of the former Rhodesia, became independent in 1980. Lacked by the army and his party, he was forced to resign in 2017. He left a country stuck in a deep economic crisis that is getting worse

Upon his arrival in power, his policy of reconciliation, in the name of the unity of the country, earned him general praise, especially in foreign capitals. “You were my enemies yesterday, you are now my friends,” says the former guerrilla leader.

He offers key ministerial positions to whites and even allows former Prime Minister Ian Smith to stay in the country.

Barded with diplomas, the revolutionary Mugabe appears as a model leader. In ten years, the country is progressing by leaps and bounds: construction of schools, health centers and new housing for the black majority.

Very early, however, the hero has a heavy hand against his opponents.


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