South African referee Victor Gomes was announced at the whistle of the CAN 2019 final between Senegal and Algeria on Friday, but it will finally be Cameroonian Alioum Neant who has been made official by CAF.

It was on Twitter that the announcement of the choice of Victor Gomes was made by CAF before the tweet in question was removed without explanation. It was finally through a statement received by the editorial board of that CAF formalized the name of Cameroonian referee Alioum Neant as leading the final of the 2019 African Cup of Nations.

The first information was an error or is there a reason for this last-minute change? No details on the subject for the moment.

The assistant referees will be his compatriots Menkouandé Evarist and Elvis Noupue. The substitute referee of the final will be Gabon’s Eric Otogo Castane. Note that our compatriot Aliou Golocko is designated Media Officer of the Final.

The CAN 2019 final will be held this Friday, June 19th at the Cairo stadium and will start at 19:00 GMT.



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