Men would no longer have to worry about having few options like condoms and vasectomy to protect their partners from pregnancy with this new men’s contraceptive.

Scientists have developed a male contraceptive that prevents sperm from leaving the penis during orgasm.

The reports confirm that it blocks two key brain proteins responsible for the release of swimmers during a male orgasm. It also has the ability to stimulate libido by dilating blood vessels, just as Viagra does.

Dr. Sab Ventura, Principal Investigator, announced that trials would begin if the next stage of drug development proved successful.

“We are getting closer to developing a convenient, safe and effective oral male contraceptive that can be easily reversed,” he said.

“We are aiming for this by developing a combination of two drugs that simultaneously block sperm transport rather than disrupting sperm development or maturation. With this non-hormonal approach, sperm are not affected, so contraception is easily reversible once the drug is stopped. “

The first laboratory tests show that the drug has no impact on sexual desire. Preliminary trials also showed that sperm remained healthy and viable if men expressed the desire to have children.


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