Recently, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee Professors from the department of Biotechnology have shown that a protein found in tamarind seeds has antiviral properties and can potentially be used to develop antiviral medication for chikungunya.

*Helps in promoting digestion: Tamarind seed juice is known to be a natural remedy to cure indigestion and increase bile production. Moreover, it is rich in dietary fibre, which further results in reduction of cholesterol. Fibre also helps in improving your digestive system.

*May prevent infections: Tamarind seeds can help protect your skin from infections as well. Moreover, it can also protect you from intestinal and urinary tract infections.

*Helps manage diabetes: Tamarind seeds tend to protect the pancreas, which increases the size of insulin-producing cells. Drinking tamarind seed water may help manage blood sugar levels naturally.

*Beneficial for teeth: It is said that rubbing tamarind seed powder on your gums and teeth may have beneficial effects, especially for those who smoke a lot. Excessive consumption of soft drinks and smoking can lead to deposition of tartar and plaque; tamarind seeds come to your rescue by cleaning your teeth properly.

*Heart-friendly: Tamarind seeds contain potassium that can be useful for patients suffering from hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.


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