The alleged oil and gas scandal, rumored by the BBC in its controversial report, has made the African Energy Chamber react. This institution based in Johannesburg, South Africa, rejects the accusations of the British television channel.

Moreover, she considers them to be “a grim run of judgment and an obsession to tarnish the image of President Macky Sall, at any cost and by any means, based on a certain lack of understanding of the facts and the functioning of the ‘oil industry”.

Better yet, the African Chamber of Energy is standing up for Macky Sall whose brother, Aliou Sall, is accused of receiving bribes in the allocation of oil and gas fields (Deep Cayor Offshore and Saint Louis deep offshore). A position widely relayed by the press: The Sun, Daily Rewmi, The Ace, Investigation, Liberation, Vox Populi and Tribune.


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