Frank Timis no longer has any plots of the deep offshore Saint-Louis and deep offshore Cayar deposits. According to Source A, the Franco-Romanian businessman sold the remaining 30% of his shares on his sites.

The newspaper said the transaction took place last week and that the main buyer is BP, which took an additional 25% while it already held the 30% assigned by Kosmos.

The British company now becomes the majority shareholder of the two deposits with 55%. Kosmos keeps 30% and Petrosen 10%.

Intriguing detail Source A: The remaining 5% (out of 30% of Timis) was awarded to a company whose identity was not revealed.

In any case, the operation is concluded in full BBC controversy. In a report titled “$ 10 billion scandal”, the British channel points to suspicious payments between Petro-Tim and Bp during the sale of the licenses in question. A case that provoked an earthquake in Senegal and in which Aliou Sall, brother of President Macky Sall, is splashed.

Source: Seneweb


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