Mexican police have arrested 791 Central American migrants, including 368 children under the age of eight, in the state of Veracruz, the Mexican authorities said Sunday, which recently pledged to curb illegal immigration to neighboring countries. United States.

The irregular migrants, according to the National Institute of Migration, were hidden in four trucks. Among them are a hundred children under six years old, according to a source familiar with the matter. A government source said six suspected traffickers had been arrested. Migrants include 413 Guatemalans, 330 Hondurans and 39 Salvadorans.

Threatened to be taxed by Washington, Mexico City committed on June 7 to take several measures to curb the migrants from Central America who cross its territory before entering the United States illegally. Among these measures, Mexico is due to complete next Tuesday the deployment of 6,000 men of the National Guard on its border with Guatemala. Mexico is also committed to accelerating the return of Central American migrants to their country, pending the processing of their asylum applications in the United States.

The Veracruz region, on one of the drug trafficking routes to the United States, is one of the most violent in Mexico. Migrants are often victims of theft and kidnapping. A young Savior girl died and two men of the same nationality were wounded on Friday when a commando opened fire while they were being transported with other migrants to the coastal town of Agua Dulce.


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