It is in the columns of Walf Grand’Place that the singer whose face was unperceivable for three years gave the reasons for such an absence. Mame Balla was at the bedside of his wife, a Dutch girl he married a good three years ago. “The reason for this silence is that now I live in another country other than Senegal. I live in Holland. It’s been three years since I married a Dutch girl. She lived here in Senegal with me, but since she is asthmatic, this stay posed a problem. So she went back to Holland. Since she is my wife and I have duties towards her, I preferred to commute between Senegal and Holland. But with the birth of our child and the classes I was taking there, I had to take a break. Since I did not do anything here,

Back in the country of Téranga, Mame Balla intends to put on the market a new album whose colors are announced by the single Sunu Senegal. Mame Balla is back!

Source: Dakarbuzz


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