The case of homosexuality involving five individuals, including a marabout, in Guédiawaye, is experiencing twists and turns. According to Les Echos, the alleged mastermind of the gang, whose two members are still at liberty, who went on his own to the Central Police Station of the city of Guédiawaye to file a complaint against the tailor for slanderous denunciation against him, was purely and simply stopped.

Indeed, he was formally identified as the brain of the gang, arrested and referred to the prosecution. Like his acolytes recently arrested for having bewitched and transformed the tailor into gay, he is accused of criminal conspiracy, extortion and blackmail and rapes repeated on a teenager. Worse, when the urge itched, they raped him in turn, filmed him and asked for money at the risk of publishing images on the Net.

Source: Seneweb



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