Soon, in principle, Ferdinand Coly will no longer be Senegalese. He is trying to break with his country of origin.

The retired Lion claims that he has “no state of mind”. “And I’m not going to regret anything,” he insists, adding, “My status and my name do not allow me to do certain things or to pour into violence.” I’m preparing for a strong action because I can not anymore.”

If Ferdinand Coly has arrived at this extreme initiative is that he is disappointed by the dispute with the president of the Stade de Mbour, Saliou Samb, about a business of fish products factory, on the Small Coast, which went bankrupt. He accuses Samb of having plucked it. The latter refutes the accusations.

“The judicial process is long, but the investigation is over, says the former footballer.The gentleman in question is under judicial control.I believe in the justice of this country and I hope that the President of the Republic will do anything In this sense, we are talking about emergence, but we can not do it with this kind of behavior where there is someone who stays in his corner to deliberately screw up the employment of young people and their career. ”

Today, Coly’s goal is to “warn young players” who would like to invest in Senegal. “In the month of June, in particular, I would have to intervene with the players,” he says, “I will make them aware of what can happen here during the investments. Victims of certain things or who are at risk of falling victim to it, I have been approved by the FSF (Senegalese Football Federation) to warn because all these players want to invest here. “

Source: Seneweb


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