Nose piercings are edgy fashion accessory which is fast becoming the “in fashion” but to what extent does being fashionable hurt? Nose piercing could mean different things to different people, culture or tribe. It is a practice in Indian and Nepalese culture. The women believe that piercing your nose on the left side helps in reducing menstrual pain and pregnancy pains. In Africa, the Beja tribe are also known for their piercings and the Fulani or Hausa tribes are known for their nose piercing.

For the sake of fashion, nose piercings are of different types, there is the septum piercing, vertical nose tip piercing, Nostril piercing.


*Having your nose pierced is quite painful and can heal from two to four months.

*Nose piercing can lead to infections including staphylococcus which sometimes lives in the nose prior to infection.

*Piercing your nostrils can damage your septum if handled by an amateur.

*Infection may occur in during the period of healing or after healing.

*Diabetic individuals or individuals with certain allergies may be greatly affected from nose piercing if they don’t consult their doctors.


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