Opposition youths are black with anger following the arrests of its members. Faced with the press on Monday, they demand their release without delay and give a “one week” ultimatum to the ruling power. If the opposition side persist in their logics, they threaten to occupy the streets.

“In the face of bullying we will respond presently. We will stay up and we will face, “swear Badara Gadiaga of Rewmi and his comrades of the opposition. They promise: “If in a week president Macky Sall does not release our brothers, we will call for a large peaceful rally in place of the obelisk and we will not leave until our brothers are released.”

As a reminder, several young people were arrested during the recent post-election demonstrations in Thies and Dakar (in front of the Rts offices). But, according to Gadiaga, the drop of too much “is the arbitrary arrest of Colonel Kebe in Saint-Louis who was humiliated in front of his family and led manu militari in Dakar”.


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